At Hygiene Tech we remain faithful to by our triple "H" concept: Hygiene solutions - High quality products - Honored services

History in a glance

Established in 2007, Hygiene Tech is an Abu Dhabi based company that represents Vectair Uk, a specialized Manufacturer of commercial washroom products. From the very beginning, Hygiene Tech has proved its competence in all areas of its specialization as well as its distinguished service. Hygiene Tech is now present in almost all commercial and governmental establishments.

In 2008, the company added Notrax to its product portfolio, an American manufacturer of indoor and outdoor mats suitable for use in industrial or commercial fields. The mats are produced in options of wet or dry surface application and includes outdoor PVC non-absorbent, outdoors rubber non-absorbent, indoors absorbent, logo mats, and hygienic lock tiles wet matting.

The very next year, with the aim of covering all necessary services in its scope of business, the company extended its range to include paper products in a joint venture with MP Hygiene, the French manufacturer, and Locwil The British sanitary towel vending machines manufacturer.

Having gained the trust and support of the clients in a very short period with its exemplary services, in 2010, Hygiene Tech teamed up with Comac, an Italian manufacturer of professional heavy duty scrubbing machines, sweeping machines, vacuum cleaners, and single disc machines, to cater to its clients' needs. The company's lines of industrial cleaning equipment come with a full back up with reference to training, technical support and spare parts. Hygiene Tech technicians have undergone an extensive training program covering all aspects and troubleshooting with respect to all the machines.

In 2011, an International stainless steel manufacturer of bins, benches, and plant pots joined Hygiene Tech group of products. Evershine stainless steel products include recycling bins, indoor bins, outdoor bins, ashtray, plant pots, hotel accessories, toilet accessories, Q-up stand, bollards, and benches.

In a world that is fast becoming conscious of environmental protection and sustainability, Hygiene Tech is serious about its environmental responsibility and ensures that its products and suppliers are fully compliant with the international policies and worldwide government legislation with regard to environmental matters.