Streamline - Mobi Midget 03 Electrical Pure Water Window And Facades Cleaning Machine(green Facade)

The fantastic mobile system filtering the tap- water on-site on-demand.

Height (mm): 1,070
Wet Weight (kg): 35
Max. Pressure:120psi
Max. Flow: 1,200GPD*
Power: 230vMain Power
POSSIBILITY OF HAVING 2 OPERATORS USING ONE MACHINE (additional accessories are required)

Included Accessories:

Ultra-lite Carbon Pole 14 Section 73Foot ( 25 M )comes in 2 carrying bags
Metal hose reel with hose
TDS meter 
Hose Pipe for Pole Water Connection

Warranty:1 Year against any Manufacturing Defects.
Country of Origin:United Kingdom


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Category: Green Product

Brand: Streamline

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